Corporate Wellness Program

Bringing Peace And Productivity To The Workplace

46% Of Employees Are Dealing With Addiction Among Their Family & Friends

Atherton is a company focused on helping individuals and their families who are struggling from substance abuse issues.

 Atherton’s core objective is to assist individuals in becoming familiar with the greatest version of themselves and to help reintegrate them back into society successfully after completing drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Your organization can offer this extraordinary benefit to your employees through our corporate package. Our one-on-one coaching sessions assist those struggling with addiction and provide much needed answers and encouragement to their family members.

Whether it’s a beloved receptionist whose son or daughter is struggling with addiction, or a trusted delivery driver who is going through difficult times, your workplace is under attack.

You can avoid the distraction and devastation of family addiction by offering this special program that not only offers caring and proactive solutions, but will strengthen, heal, and encourage your team.

Additionally, your leadership team will have a priceless resource for any questions about addiction and recovery. 

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