The Program

The New Life Coaching Program

Our innovative program has four key elements. The first begins by working directly with the family, friends, and anyone else who has been directly affected by the addiction. We call these caring supporters “Patrons”.

At this time the Coach will meet with the family and do an initial FREE consultation. If the family so chooses to hire the Coach, then the work will begin immediately.

The Coach will conduct interviews and have conversations with anyone directly involved with the client in order to gather as much useful information as possible.

At that point, a plan will be discussed to help everyone involved understand how we can maximize success for the client. This key element is about creating a team atmosphere.

Healthy Mindset (First intensive month)
This first intensive month will consist of the coach and client building a rapport, setting up a structured lifestyle, and allowing the client to set goals that will be achievable and maintainable. A lot is discussed, and worked on in this first month, but once this month is accomplished then the fun work begins.

Positive Pathways (Months 2-3)
At this step, we’re beginning to turn ideas into action, and action into consistency. This is where clients have the unique opportunity to be pushed, push themselves, and witness their ability to navigate through adversity. This all happens while focusing on areas of interest.

New Living (Months 4-6)
We’re now entering a new life, one where we’re able to face our challenges and continue moving forward towards our destiny. A huge part of this phase is developing the ability to follow through on tasks. Whether big or little, the objective is to follow through. This is where clients will develop a knack for progression.