Addiction does not limit its destructive ways. It brings hardships and damaging circumstances across an entire family and circle of friends.

In the same way, recovery creates a new pathway of joy that can be experienced and celebrated by those precious loved ones who refused to abandon hope. 

We call these heroic supporters “patrons”. Oftentimes, it’s the parents of those struggling with addiction, but sometimes it’s more distant family or friends. 

This program is for you. It is you and your family that has been terrorized by the darkness of addiction, and because of that you are hungry for answers to your questions, and solutions to your problems.

At the start of this program you and your family will meet face-to-face with the Coach. At this time you will be able to express yourself freely, and experience the understanding and support you so desperately need.

This is where we will come together as a team and derive a plan that will put us in the best position possible to regain control, and get that family member back to the loving, happy, healthy person they were always intended to be.